Program Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-10 Breakfast w/ Koko & Zhixian Breakfast w/ Ninette, Jack & Emily Breakfast w/ Kin, Dan & Alex Breakfast w/ Mates For Days Breakfast w/ Jasper & Andre
10-10.30 Tomorrow Right Now Goosebumpers Hack Half-Hour DisOrient Surfin' Sports w/ Sameer
10.30-12 Countdown Corner The 10:30 Report Wine, Whine, Wine New Mate Murphy The Short Ball
12-1 Backtracking Twelve2One w/ Gem Local Music EstroGin & Tonic Too Taboo
1-2 Comics Hour w/ Victor & Bella Easy XP Take 2 Poplitical Revolution Beckett's Bytes
2-3 SURG Gainsbourg - Francophiles Tinks & the Pod GRRL Superficial 'Murica vs 'Straya
3-4 The Bandwagon Afternoon-EP The DemoCritics Bangerz + Beetz Transition Hour
4-6 The Drive Home w/ Unfunny White Couple The Drive Home w/ Hit The Showers The Drive Home w/ Through The Wire The Drive Home w/ Hugo & George The Drive Home w/ Lauren and Ester's Afternoon Delight
6-7 Gettin' 90s With It The Presidential Suite Deep In The Groove Money For Nothing Rap Gods
7-8 FLA$H BOIZ Cadence Loveshack Rawbucks Freemix Radio w/ GOTIFOO
8-10 Housewives No Small Talk Bass Education w/ 9toe Metalheads Interplanetary Music w/ Hani

Our programming changes every semester. For more info about next semester's broadcast and how you can get involved, keep an eye on the blog and on our Facebook page.