We're always looking for new people to get involved. We hold training and show applications for new members at the start of each semester.

Current Positions Available

Breakfast/Drive Teams

The Breakfast and Drive shows will be the new face of SURG. You'll be making a light, general interest show each day for the Sydney Uni community as they make their way to or from uni. We're looking for people who are up to date on pop culture, all aspects of the uni community, and with an ear for really engaging radio that will grow SURG as an established student media publication.

We're looking for presenters to get behind the mic, as well as producers to work on the nuts and bolts of the show. Producers will write content and re-purpose engaging content and interviews for online, while presenters will operate the panel and be the face of the show, and of SURG.

Breakfast & Drive roles will open as required during semester

Show Proposals

Want to have your own show? We're looking for really clearly defined ideas that showcase the wide range of interests of our members. Whether your exploring music genres, chatting about niche sports, whatever - we want to hear it! Just make sure you have a super clear idea of what your show is AND why the random person tuning in would listen.

Show Proposals are OPEN NOW for SEM 2

Honi Soit Podcast Producers

The Honi Soit Podcast will be a flagship production from both Honi Soit and SURG. It will be a 15-minute feature production roughly based on the reporting of the weekly print edition of Honi. 

As a producer, you will be expected to maintain contact with the Honi editors to research relevant stories to feature in the podcast, and then produce these stories. You will also be expected to seek out stories and present your own original ideas to both the SURG exec and the Honi eds. You will be given a production timetable and allocated a set number of stories that you are to produce each month, including during winter/summer breaks. You will produce 3-4 stories per semester.

These stories may take any form, from audio narratives (fiction or non-fiction), feature reporting, to panel discussions between guests. 

Sports Commentator

This year we'll be broadcasting every Sydney Uni Shute Shield home fixture (rugby union), and we're looking for more sports to add to our roster.
If this is something that interests you, please express your interest and we'll be in touch.