USU Campaign starts: Doesn't last four hours without shit-stirring

This morning at 12.01am, USU candidates were given the green light for physical campaigning. This was marked by a flurry of activity on Eastern Avenue and the 'Redfern Run', as campaigns moved to make their chalk-based mark on prospective voters.

It seems several campaigns opted not to chalk on the first day, some not chalking at all to avoid exhausting their campaigners.

It didn't take long for the close proximity of competing campaigns to cause tension. Alexander Shu posted this video from campus around 4:10am, alleging that the chalk of his and Jacob Masina's teams was scrubbed from Eastern Avenue.

Some campaigners have moved on, while others whisper of little red men on campus - and it's not Red Menace for USU.

Claudia Gulbransen-Diaz's campaign manager Adam Boidin wished to allay fears that members of their team had been seen with water bottles and rags:

Claudia campaigners were scrubbing our own chalk off of the bridge over city road because a few over enthusiastic campaigners put it where it shouldn’t be. It was all entirely our own chalking that we rubbed off

The rules for chalking on campus are quite strict, with the USU warning that Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS), who manage the University properties and campus security, have chemically tested chalk in the past to ensure it meets their standards. You can read the USU's recommendations in the Candidate Handbook.

Will this mystery ever be solved? Will the remaining chalk survive the week? Can the competing campaigns learn to coexist peacefully?