Lady Gaga's 'The Cure' Couldn't Cure Shit


'The Cure' couldn't cure shit

Haydn Hickson

Lady Gaga should’ve be one of the greatest pop stars in today’s music industry: she has an impeccable voice, a killer stage presence and an extravagant, avant-garde aesthetic. But she isn’t - in fact, the industry’s been kind of rough to her in the last few years. Her fourth studio album was a tragic flop, an #ARTFLOP if you will, that couldn’t even make it into the year-end Billboard Hot 100 chart. Also, she released an album that literally no one was here for: Cheek to Cheek. But Alas! 2016 came around and it was like all they gay’s went through a cathartic experience. The release of Joanne saw Lady Gaga at her most honest, raw and emotional. I was certain, Kween Gaga was back to take her throneeee. Yaaaassssssssss Gaga, slayyyyyyyyyyy. But now, this brings us to her new single The Cure.

This song, is a fucking piece of shit.

How an artist can do a complete 180 after creating a brilliant, transformative masterpiece to releasing this generic, Chainsmokers-esque single is beyond me. Calling the production on this track basic, is the understatement of the year. The lyrics suck. Her performance sucks. What happened? It literally sounds like she on like 12 sleeping pills when she recorded this. Like who thought the vocals in the chorus sounded good? It sounds empty. Like an empty recording studio with a Gaga that’s just given up on the world. This song couldn’t cure the common cold if it tried. Jesus Christ.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Lady Gaga is great. Million Reasons is great. Bad Romance is great. G.U.Y. is great. The Cure? Is a joke. If this is any indication of what is coming next, count me out.