SRC Campaigners, how great are they??

Look at their faces, can't you tell they love this? Wait a minute, these people look familiar...

Look at their faces, can't you tell they love this? Wait a minute, these people look familiar...

The actual SRC and Honi Soit elections have started - Vote Early, Vote Often*! That means everyone's favourite people, SRC campaigners, are out in force. This is the best time of year, because SRC campaigners the best and nicest people in the world. Don't believe me?

Just think about the last two weeks. They've talked to you in your lectures, meaning less time spent on boring stuff like "learning". They've filled your Facebook feed with bright colours - hasn't it brightened your day? And every time they talk to you, it's like they totally understand you, because every problem you have is a problem they too understand and can fix. Heartwarming content, right here.

So, with voting starting today, what can you expect from these superheroes?

Worried you'll be too busy eating lunch to hear about the fantastic election happening? Don't worry! Campaigners will come into the food court in Wentworth to chat to you and get you to vote - it's really closeby! More of a Manning fan? Come Wednesday and Thursday, campaigners will be in your favourite place too!!

Worried that you'll accidentally get lost on your way to vote? Never fear, a campaigner or two (or ten) will literally surround you and herd you to the nearest polling booth. How convenient!! Want to hear half of an SRC pitch as you go into vote? There will be dozens of people right outside the voting booth giving you exactly that, at the same time, while also forcing a piece of paper into your hands and potentially blocking your path into the booth! How nice of them, really.

What's that? You want to know exactly where campaigners are so you can go and chat to them about how great the SRC is? You're not just using this information to avoid campaigners?? Well, aren't you a gem! This is where you will find most campaigners over the next three days, the more red, the more of them there will be!!!!

For prepoll (Tuesday) you can forget about anyone near Fisher or Manning though, all the action is at JFR, specifically the SRC Office on City Road. You know, the one that's hard to access at the best of times? Don't worry, just find a nice campaigner to show you the way, there'll be so so many of them on the Redfern Boardwalk and the City Road Footbridge.

So remember, campaigners are absolutely your best friends, and you should definitely not avoid them at all costs this week.

* - SURG FM has told me that I have to say that voting often is "against the regulations" and "a monumentally stupid thing to do"

Cameron Caccamo