New Track: 'Lonely' by Jake Howden


Jake Howden

‘Lonely’ is a track from independent singer/songwriter Jake Howden. A recent single, the track is more pop-y than Howden’s other work, though it keeps the chill vibe that characterises his 2015 EP In a Picture.

The title of the track is not hard to guess, with Howden’s aching vocals ‘I don’t want to – I don’t want to be lonely’ over and over on top of a beat that is hypnotic in it's repetitiveness. It’s got echoing synths that suggest smoke machines in a dark club, and halfway through the guitar line fades in a plucked accompaniment that hints at rock and roll. ‘Lonely’ is a laid back track that will have your knee tapping.

Jake Howden is Central Coast born and bred. The musical path wasn’t always his dream: initially aiming for the life of a professional rugby league player, his focus turned to his music at age seventeen. Since then he’s been making music and doing covers of artists like Ed Sheeran. He’s reached some impressive milestones in his listenership too: his track ‘Lost Things’, from his EP In a Picture, has over 2.7 million hits on Spotify.


Intrigued? Jake Howden isn’t hard to find: his music is on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and GooglePlay. You can also keep him company on his Facebook page.

Jake is a good friend of SURG, appearing for us at Verge in 2016 and O Week earlier this year. Check out his website here.