Did this SRC presidential campaign break civil aviation rules in their campaign video?

SRC presidential campaign “BOOST your SRC” could face potential enforcement action from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for the drone footage featured in their campaign video.


The video, released on Wednesday, features drone shots of the campaign team within the University Quadrangle.

Presidential candidate Josie Jakovac told SURG: “BOOST take our commitment to university policy seriously. To our knowledge, it was complied with.”

The operation of a drone anywhere on university property is restricted by the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101, which states that drones can not be operated “within 3 NM (5.5 km) of a controlled aerodrome - one with an operating control tower,” unless for “sport or recreational” purposes.

The entire Camperdown/Darlinghurst campus is within 5.5km of Sydney Airport, prohibiting all drone flights except those by a pilot with an operator certificate or remote pilot licence.

The Quadrangle is also within the vicinity of the emergency heliport at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital which would impose further restrictions if drone flight was not already prohibited.

Drone footage was last used in a SRC presidential campaign in 2016, when Isabella Brook’s “Stand Up for SRC” video featured glossy drone footage of the Quadrangle and Eastern Avenue. That video was removed when Stand Up were accused of either breaching the spending cap on the video, or stealing the footage. USU President Connor Wherret commented: “we removed [that video] as we reused the page for Stand Up 2017.”

Rival SRC campaign “Grassroots for Liam” stated they would not be using drone footage in their campaign.

No SURG member associated with any SRC campaign was associated in the production of this article.

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