SRC Pres. Jacky He talks to SURG about *that* TV appearance

Yesterday, the University of Sydney Union’s (USU) news site Pulp Media broke the news that during the Winter break, current USyd SRC President Jacky He had appeared on a talk show in China, reportedly titled “China Dream, the Patriotism of Overseas Chinese”.

Being as content- and fame-hungry as we are, we HAD to get to the bottom of the story. So we bring you this EXCLUSIVE interview with the President himself.

SURG: Hey Jacky, how was your winter break?

JACKY HE: Winter break was great (if you could call it a break for me haha). Was at the office almost everyday preparing stalls and merchandise for welcome day, helping to organize people and food for welfare week, and dealing with the daily operations at the SRC. At least EdCon for most parts was quite enjoyable.

Sounds like you were busy! Let’s get straight to it: WHAT is this TV show that you appeared on?

Essentially it was a TV show hosted by the South East Channel, and the entirety of my speech was about how international students can better protect themselves in Australia, what I have done both in the capacity of a student housing officer and the President … for international students, and raising awareness towards services that the SRC provides.


This [photo used by Pulp] was essentially the summary of what my speech was about. The smaller yellow writing on the right is about a section in my speech that was “informing international students about how to protect their rights in Sydney”.

How did they get in touch with you? Got any details about the name of the show?

It was by personal invitation that they got in touch with me. I’m not sure if I can reveal much of the concept of the show before it’s aired. But essentially it’s about Chinese students sharing their respective personal stories.

So it’s a new show?

I don’t think it’s ever come up before. But I just think it would be really good that, whilst I am fortunate to be invited to this platform, to get my key messages across to the international students from China, let them know what the SRC is doing, let them know what we are all about and let them know that they can feel very secured in Sydney.

Do you know when we can expect the show to come out?

It would be October, wouldn’t be sure about an exact date.

Can we expect you to have new-found celebrity status once the show airs?

Oh lol not at all. There will be thousands of people watching it for sure, but it almost certainly won’t be the type like your “X-Factor” or “China’s got talent” that would make you a celebrity or super star all of a sudden. I just find it very meaningful. I doubt there would be anyone that you could go up to on the streets and ask “hey do you know Jacky He?”