Fresh Music Friday: 19/4/19

Our reviewers Sarah, Matthew and Lara take on some big new tunes and hot local gems!

Sarah: You know when you walk into a club in your favourite outfit and just know you’re going to slay the dancefloor – this new track is like THAT feeling, with incredible vocals but also some serious groove that would give any listener the warm fuzzies.

Matthew: It feels like two great yet underdeveloped ideas that have been smooshed together to make a song, but the infectious marching band instrumentation and Bey’s killer vocals make ‘Before I Let Go’ pretty darn enjoyable.

Lara: I don’t know a lot about disco music but I did watch four episodes of The Get Down, so I know enough to say that this sounds like that kind of disco music - to me it’s much more old Beyoncé style than Lemonade or This is Love.

Sarah: The guitar work and SUPEREGO’s feature add vibrancy to the track (and I admit it grows on me with each listen) although it isn't quite my thing - some intriguing easy listening.

Matthew: Not my usual thing, but it’s hard to look past how effortlessly imbi the girl and SUPEREGO pull off a really interesting blend of silky R&B and abstract hip-hop.

Lara: This is the kind of cool music that people who have house parties with popular people would play, I’m very sure. Your head bops along to the song but in a non-aggressive, chill way.

Sarah: This is definitely going on my next road trip playlist - I’ve never listened to City Calm Down before, but I’m loving the easy rock vibes of this track, which ease into a catchy hook and have you bopping along as you recall the good times.

Matthew: Tamer compared to some of the band’s earlier and more lavish work, this has a catchy instrumental that works well with the lyrical satire.

Lara: I would define this as an easy listening, car sing-along jam song. Big bops.

Sarah: Ooo I really love this track. It resonates with some deep feelings within, like that bassline is unlocking some long-forgotten part of me. It’s simple, but beautiful, and when Kevin Abstract hits those high notes it makes my heart sing. (Note: the music video is awesome so be sure to check it out!).

Matthew: This is a straight-up adorable love song with an enthralling sense of progression and a breathtaking feature from Ryan Beatty - Brockhampton season is upon us!

Lara: This song has super spaced out beachy instrumental vibes, but the lyrics sound like they want me to feel sympathy toward “nice guys”.