Album Review: Crushing by Julia Jacklin


Crushing - Julia Jacklin


Julia Jacklin’s second album is at times a little too familiar to her contemporaries, but the sonic stories she’s created carve out their own space and remind you of very similar scars.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to the local Sydney singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin before. That was before ‘Crushing’, the follow-up to her debut album ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’, wrapped its long melancholy fingers around me. She is, of course, being played everywhere, and getting attention from Triple J, FBi Radio, Rolling Stone Australia and BBC Radio. She has been touring around the world for the last 2 years, playing festival after festival, show after show.

And now she returns home. 'Crushing' was birthed in these 2 years and is a soul-crushing, emotional, melancholy, spiralling soft rock album. Like a glacier, it is slow-moving but beautiful.

Female indie-rock is having a moment right now it seems, as ‘Crushing’ is reminiscent of the wave of dream pop indie girls currently on the scene; Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy and Mitski. Songs like ‘Turn Me Down’ reveal an intersection between Courtney Barnett’s moaning guitars from songs like ‘Depreston’, and the long droning vowels of the Middle Kids’ singer Hannah Joy

But Julia steps away from her contemporaries to create something much more heart-wrenching. The sonic landscapes she builds are lulling hills of simple guitar and drum lines that allow her vocals to come to the front and create beautiful imagery. She captures so succinctly the little nuances of break ups.

From ‘Comfort’ exploring the self-inflicted pain of separation, to ‘Don’t Know How to Keep Loving You’ capturing that guilty and irritating feeling of faded love, the realisation that it’s just not the same anymore. Other standouts include ‘Body’, and ‘Pressure to Party’ which both ooze this similar imagery of tragic relationship trauma and are easily relatable.

Crushing will wrap its fingers around your heart and make you relive your most recent heartbreak. A haunting collection of staunch lyrics, it is a stellar album. I can’t wait to experience it as a live performance.

Crushing is available on all major streaming services and music outlets. Listen now at Julia Jacklin’s ‘Crushing’ Tour hits Sydney on March 15 - get tickets at