Manning outlet Lucky's becomes 'Clucky's' with a new roast chicken menu




Amongst the settling dust of freebies and multi-coloured tote bags, comes another change from the USU to tweak your life on campus. Say goodbye to a Manning institution and the best the place had to offer (let’s be honest); Lucky’s is no longer. But like a phoenix from the ashes, a new fowl-themed venue has emerged: Clucky’s.


Clucky’s, with the slogan “Chicken for the People”, aims to provide slightly healthier options than the previous fried chicken menu. Fresh rotisserie roast chicken takes centre stage, with a new range of burgers and rolls, as well as a Schnitty option. The highlight is said to be the ‘signature’ Clucky’s roll for $6.

There are vegan and healthy options, and all chips can be swapped for a serving of leafy greens on request.

Check out the new menu in full!