Fresh Music Fridays: 05/10/18

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Fresh music fridays: 05/10/18

by Lawson Wrigley, Deepa Alam, & Rhea Thomas

In this edition of Fresh Music Friday, SURG writers assign flavours to an ethereal bop by Cub Sport, a return to form from Courtney Barnett, and a surprising collab from DMAs / Channel Tres.

"Sometimes" — Cub Sport

Lawson: Fresh lemonade, its so sweet but with some glorious bitter harmonies.

Deepa: This sad and oh-so-real little bop tastes like a sip of soda water with lime, refreshing on the tongue and once the sip is done you’ve forgotten you even took a sip at all, so you go for another and another.

Rhea: Mmm an orange cream biscuit — would like the zest and sweetness before realising it tastes slightly to artificial to really enjoy.

"Small Talk" — Courtney Barnett

Lawson: Bloody, raw, tender steak

Deepa: The mediocrity of this track is excellent, and i don’t mean that in a bad way. Barnett’s smooth and mellow vocals making the small talk reminds me of apple pie from the freezer aisle; tastes good and average.

Rhea: Willy Wonka’s three-course dinner chewing gum — bubbly as fuck in its own flavours, and pulls off a delicate, sweet ending.

"The End (Channel Tres Remix" — DMAs

Lawson: Rich dark chocolate that envelops your tongue in thumping waves of bass.

Deepa: Honestly, anything with Channel Tres to me is like those toffee caramels; you suck on them trying to get all of the taste around your tongue and you’re not allowed to bite it, because then it’ll disappear but you want so badly for it to keep lingering. His voice is just so delicious and the bass is so tasty.

Rhea: Kind of like a good piece of french toast — crispy on the outside but pretty soft in the centre, though maybe not as subtly sweet as I would’ve hoped.

Tune in next week for our next Fresh Music Friday!

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