Fresh Music Fridays #8: 08/06/18

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Fresh Music Fridays #8: 08/06/18

Ali Nejati, Jamie Weiss, & James Newbold

In the eigth instalment of Fresh Music Fridays, Ali Nejati, Jamie Weiss, and James Newbold test out Tove Lo's new girl group (and the answer to Rita Ora's "Girls"), a dream collab from Khalid and H.E.R., and a blast from the past by Wild Nothing. 

"Bitches (Remix)" — Tove Lo (feat. Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant, & ALMA) 

Ali: Pretty trashy with its generic overly produced vocals over an aptly generic beat. The slightly dark bass and the smattering of voice timbres bring a little colour to the monotony, but it can’t help a track that relies solely on the “edginess” of being sexually explicit and the word ‘bitches’ to keep interest.
Jamie: The saddest girl in Sweden bounces back with a jamming ode to girl-on-girl love in “bitches”. The synths are satisfyingly crunchy and the beat appropriately dark. My main complaint is despite this remix having some really stacked features - Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant and ALMA – none of them feel like an equal match for Tove Lo here, and their additions fall a little short. Sometimes, the original is just better.
James: The verses are a bit uninspired, but this posse cut delivers heaps of attitude and a killer chorus to boot.

"This Way" — Khalid & H.E.R.

Ali: A seductive minimal duet, that keeps its vibe from getting stale with some dynamic R&B production. Khalid is greatly overshadowed on this track, as H.E.R.’s gorgeous, occasionally jazzy vocals jump all over the place in the best way possible.
Jamie: A dripping, sultry tale of two jilted ex-lovers that benefits from its pared back vocals and instrumentals, leaving listeners hanging on every syllable. H.E.R. really shines here but Khalid’s drawl doesn’t quite have the same cut-through.
James: H.E.R.'s vocal performance is more compelling than Khalid's, with a super slinky R&B beat managing to carry the track

"Letting Go" — Wild Nothing

Ali: A little disappointing from Wild Nothing. As a big fan of their Nocturne album, this feels like a really safe single that is begging to push into slightly more post-punky or noisy territory. Nevertheless, come ‘round for some lush summery vibes to keep you warm from the Sydney winter.
Jamie: “Letting Go” is a weird time capsule of a track – it wouldn’t feel out of place playing out of a Lamborghini Countach’s stereo on Rodeo Drive in the 80s, except that the drums have a particularly Coldplay taste. Expect to hear this at Goodspace some time soon.
James: This decent dream pop song doesn't get it's own personality until about a minute in, but even then the band has drenched the instrumental in reverb rather than given it emotional punch; you can have both, but "Letting Go" doesn't.

Tune in next week for our next Fresh Music Friday!

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