Fresh Music Fridays #7: 18/05/18

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Fresh Music Fridays #7: 18/05/18

Llewellyn Horgan, Ali Nejati, & Olly Cummins

In the seventh instalment of Fresh Music Fridays, Ali Nejati, Llewellyn Horgan, and Olly Cummins check out a typically twee release from Trust Fund, a synthy break-up lament from KLLO, and a syncopated offering from OKENYO.

"Carson McCullers" — Trust Fund

Ali: Begins like a run of the mill indie pop/rock track, but as its feel-good vibes kick in to gear from about a minute in with some tasteful instrumental breaks and nostalgic glidy synths, what began unpromising turns into a super playful and fun listen.
Llewellyn: Pretty cool, sounds a bit like The Drums but also not as good as The Drums. Still, who is!!! (Answer: Some people)
Olly: This is a great sunny-day power-pop song, special mention to the synth lead that sounds like its straight out an early The Rentals track.

"Potential" — KLLO

Ali: Regardless of its cheesy chorus lyric and overly melodramatic vibe, the hook on this is way too sticky and backed up with a subtle, detailed beat, breathy wretched vocals and rumbly bass synths, that makes for a catchy and moving breakup song.
Llewellyn: Chill and also somewhat depressing song. A fan of the cool inventive sounding harmonies. Lyrics seem to be about having trouble breaking up with someone because they are so good, something that all my ex-girlfriends have suffered from extensively!
Olly: This song sounds to me like if High School Musical was remade by Triple J presenters, and this is the sombre moment after Troy picks Lacrosse over the school band, accompanied by a black and white montage of members of the band looking disappointed. Not for me.

"Utopia" — OKENYO

Ali: Sounds like a typical Triple J rotation snoozefest that tries its hardest to be deep and meaningful but comes out empty handed. The second half of this track picks up a bit with some more colourful layers and Flume-esque details in the chorus that nudge you awake, but unfortunately these don’t save a track that is forgettable, and nowhere near as compelling as it believes it is.
Llewellyn: Nice chorus, exciting syncopated verses. This song has cool vibe, but also makes me anxious for some reason, so thanks for nothing Okenyo!
Olly: Utopia is polished, well-produced anthem, perhaps not winning any awards for originality, but nevertheless an enjoyable listen.

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