Fresh Music Fridays #3: 20/04/18

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Fresh Music Fridays #3: 20/04/18

Olly Cummins, Hektor Vineburg, and Deepa Alam

In this third instalment of Fresh Music Fridays, SURG staff writers Olly Cummins, Hektor Vineburg, and Deepa Alam take on tracks from Lykke Li, Father John Misty, Xiu Xiu & Mitski, and Channel Tres.  

"hard rain" — Lykke Li

Olly: This is a delicate, intimate song with real attention to detail but I don't know if I'm gonna be coming back to it.
Deepa: Sounds like what Birdy would’ve sounded like if she sung A Drop In The Ocean, but more electronic.
Hektor: With a minimalist soundscape, Lykke Li places those lead vocals in some complementary production.

"Disappearing Diamonds are the Rarest of Them All" — Father John Misty

Olly: This is a bit rockier (in the Elton John sense, not so much Black Sabbath) than I'm used to hearing from Father John Misty, but his lyrics are great as ever and his melodies here are so tight.
Deepa: At first listen the song seems forgettable, but with a second and third and fourth and fifth and currently sixth listen, the contrast of the metaphors and the subject of the song (love, obviously) becomes completely endearing.
Hektor: Outstanding track from an outstanding EP, a different lyrical style from his Pure Comedy album however the singer/songwriter is attention grabbing nonetheless.

"Between the Breaths" — Xiu Xiu & Mitski

Olly: This reminds me so much of Xiu Xiu's early stuff in such a good way. I love this kind of claustrophobic, melodramatic synth-pop and I love Mitski's yearning, theatrical vocals here.
Deepa: This reminds me so much of new Car Seat Headrest and because of that I say it’s not experimental enough and probably longer than it should have been, but the production is excellent and definitely sounds like an OST track. almost a hit, just slightly a miss.
Hektor: A bit of a by the numbers release for Xiu Xiu, for an experimental band this didn’t do much for me personally in regards to their normally experimental approach.

"Controller" — Channel Tres

Olly: It is ridiculous how underdone this genre of rhythmic hip-hop/house is given how absurdly groovy and fun this song proves it is - a grade A jam!
Deepa: Is there nothing out of Compton that isn’t good? This is a freaking CHUNE!! The bouncing synths make the song accessible for a groove on the DF, and I can already see it becoming the next Raingurl.
Hektor: Reminiscent of artists like GMCFOSHO and taking some unorthodox choices in production, Channel Tres has a unique voice that people should be excited to hear from.

Tune in next week for our next Fresh Music Friday!

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