Fresh Music Fridays #1: 06/04/18

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Fresh Music Fridays #1: 06/04/18

James Newbold, Jamie Weiss, Patrick McKenzie, and Rhea Thomas

Welcome to our first instalment of Fresh Music Fridays, where our writers sit down for first listens of new releases! First off the cab, we've got James Newbold, Jamie Weiss, Patrick McKenzie, and Rhea Thomas reviewing Beach House, Hatchie, and Cardi B.

"Sugar & Spice" — Hatchie

James: Sounds like a great 90s dream pop throwback with some nice songwriting, but the tone of that synth lead will take some getting used to.
Jamie: Evocative of many a summery early 00’s Sunday morning spent watching rage in my pyjamas — that being said, dumb lyrics, not really a fan.
Patrick: Dreamy pop with layered guitars and synth, candid lyrics obscured by a bit of a sugary refrain — drums worth noting!
Rhea: In all it’s dreamy glory, there’s something gooey about this song that makes you want to dance. Her vocals play like it’s own synth — a little bland but peachy sweet.

"Drip" — Cardi B (feat. Migos)

James: The classic badass Cardi B attitude we know and love, plus a knock-your-socks-off 3rd verse from Takeoff of Migos.
Jamie: A masterclass in triplet flow, Cardi and Migos spit some surprisingly hot bars here (Takeoff really wows), but the track’s let down by a weak beat.
Patrick: Tension-building flow, somewhat empty-sounding beat but the Migos feature shines through towards the end.
Rhea: This song’s got some serious attitude — perhaps not everyone’s kind. The triplets are as zesty as it gets but the rest is flat. Migos pops though; wish there was more of it.

"Dark Spring" — Beach House

James: The syncopated drums give this ~ viber ~ some much-needed momentum, with a nice instrumental swell in the chorus.
Jamie: Inoffensive Triple J drive slot music, this song’s just a bit boring.
Patrick: Pleasant and ethereal instrumentals complemented by airy but expressive lyrics, usual Beach House with some added guitar-reverb edge.
Rhea: If the tunnel song in Perks of Being a Wallflower wasn’t David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, it would be this; the stunning arpeggiated chord changes cruise along with the vocals and rotary guitar. Still shoegazey as ever.

Tune in next week for our next Fresh Music Friday!

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