Review: FBi Takeover of The Marly


Review: FBi Takeover of The Marly

Jarret Armstrong

We’re approaching the Marlborough Hotel after an impressive stint at a dumpling spot down the street, and my buddy asks me what to expect from tonight’s festivities. I have no clue what to tell him, but the show is — by all means — an easy sell. With fifteen acts, including The Goods, Cable Ties, Silent Jay & Jace XL, Rackett, Roza Terenzi, 30/70, Sunscreen, and Fishing, spread across three venues, it doesn't take much else to round up some fellow punters for a jam-packed Friday night. I understand his concerns though. What can you expect from a two dollar show? Is this too good to be true? Did we drink enough beforehand? How and why did we eat that much Chinese food?

Upon arrival, it’s clear that we’ve made the right choice. I don’t think it’s possible to find anything in Sydney for two dollars. So walking through the door and receiving the all-access, all-powerful stamp for some change brings about a “good deal” high that lasted all night. On top of that, the lines are nonexistent for most of the night, despite the crowd. I’m talking entry, drinks, and most importantly, toilets.

The triple venue presents an interesting dynamic, with the upper level, basement, and ground floor laid out like heaven, hell, and purgatory. The upper level (AKA Ms. Peaches) is home to the head bangers. Girl group Rackett is a particular standout, living up to their upstairs position with an angelic set — just swap out the harps for some serious guitar licks. Ground floor, too, is never a bad place to be, even if you aren’t sure how you got there or if you ever want to leave. 30/70 is infectious to say the least, and soul-gripping to say a bit more. And hell isn’t necessarily all doom and gloom either. Don’t get me wrong — there are definitely demons down there, but the fun, intoxicating kind, like Fishing.

All in all, there’s really too much to be said. The venues are top, the sounds are sweet, and every performer fills their space and takes control of their respective crowd. FBi Radio proves once again why they’re the sound of Sydney locals — thanks to them for a Friday night well spent.

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