USYD Security Enters SRC Offices, Confiscates Strike Materials


Shortly before 12pm on Wednesday, campus security officers entered the SRC Offices in the Wentworth Building, seizing materials related to the recent & upcoming NTEU strikes.

The Sydney Uni branch of the National Tertiary Education Union recently held a strike at the University’s open day, and are preparing for a strike on September 13. This is in regards to a breakdown in negotiations for the new EBA for university staff. 

The SRC’s Education Action Group spent Wednesday installing posters informing students of the strike.

Officers from Usyd’s Campus Security entered the SRC offices and confiscated surplus posters and other materials relating to the strike.

SRC President Isabella Brook said:

We’re extremely angry that campus security has entered our offices and taken student property supporting staff strikes. Campus security is notorious for tearing down posters that don’t align with the universities conservative agenda but stealing the property of students is completely atrocious behavior.

Co-Wom*n's Officer Imogen Grant, who was present, said it was "completely unprecedented for campus security to come into the SRC unannounced," and that "this incident further shows the University's attempt to supress the strikes and prevent students from participating in solidarity."

SURG understands posters were installed on the infamous 'blue wall' of the Eastern Avenue building, which saw a Verge Festival installation removed last year.

Article Updated.