Every Inspo Image for Hermann's and What It Could Mean

Ahead of the surprise redevelopment of the USU's 'small bar', here's what we can learn from their choice of inspo images:


Graffiti City

D. Propsero

ooh edgy. This is a pretty popular wallpaper print - my bet is that the 'graffiti wallpaper' google search led to this one. wallpaper, as in (it won't damage the) wall paper.

China Doll


Graffiti on concrete again - a pretty solid theme here. The artwork itself, and the list of potential names, is a pretty strong hint as to the overall "Asian-inspired" theme that we will see when it reopens.

Betty's Burgers


Modern, clean, shiny, burger joint. It's like a combination of Courtyard and Lucky's. Wait....


Santa Monica

This one sticks out a little bit because it's a bit higher-class than the other images. This is from a 'luxury boutique hotel', to me it's a bit of a stand out and is more about the potential lighting/furniture choices, than hinting anything deeper at the refurb itself.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

mmmmm, concrete. This time it comes with a nice bit of greenery, which would be pretty nice, I reckon. This is like a grungier-Courtyard... there's a bit of a pattern emerging here


La Tequila South

Guadalajara, Mexico

This one is another combination of concrete, tiles, greenery, and modern design. It's probably pretty close to what the final product will look like - but it could be considered fairly corporate looking for a student bar.


Hong Kong

Open-air?? Greenery?? What could it all mean? Get your terrariums ready. It's interesting to note that most of these images are from fairly well-known, established bars & restaurants, so it could be kinda nice if Hermann's ends up looking like any of these.

Lil' bit of neon.. these are just images that have been reblogged 100s of times on tumblr and Pinterest, so I can't find the original location. But again, a bit of concrete, some 'modern' light.. this could be alright if done well, but could age incredibly quickly if not.

The carpet and conrete images are fairly standard by now - Hermann's is already carpeted and the concrete theme is definitely strong throghout. The most interesting one is the stairs... The shopfront above Hermann's has been vacant for months. Could this mean a second level??? A balcony??? This is so mysterious and exciting.


and finally, the kicker: Tsingtao. It's the anniversary of Tsingtao signing an advertising agreement with the USU, and this refurbishment was most likely included as part of a re-signing.

This coincides with the vibe of the 'China Doll' graffiti and the potential names, it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out.