I don't think you're ready for this jelly: USU campaigning starts tonight

'Running for board is easy,' says the USU website. From 12.01am tonight, these ten hopefuls will find out how much truth there is in that statement.

They'll have 11 days, 7 of those on campus, to convince the majority of willing and able USyd students that they are one of the six best choices to run the University of Sydney Union (USU), a $22 million dollar organisation that oversees the venues, festivals, clubs & societies, and general student life on campus. Although only around 16,600 students are USU members, all currently enrolled USyd students can vote as the USU receives a portion of their SSAF fee paid each semester.

There are questions aplenty, some of which should hopefully be answered when campaigns are launched. How will alliances and preference deals fall? How will the reduced campaigning time affect the outcome? How will this affect the Honi coverage and the 'USU Quiz', often a revealing insight into how much preparation each candidate (and their team) has put into their campaign?

Time to start adding an extra 5 min for your travel time between class on Eastern Avenue, Cadigal Green, and Manning Road.

You can join us here each day for more from the campaign front.