Revue'd: 2017 Sydney Uni Review

You know how sometimes bands or artists will release a Greatest Hits that isn’t really warranted? Like yeah, they had one song but surely their career isn’t best reflected on a 2-DISC project spanning over 40 tracks…  Well, this was my mindset going into 2017’s USYD REVUE.

My plan was to go in, write down every single sketch I found funny then rank accordingly the next morning. However, on the night, I ended up writing down every, single, skit.

Even though I was about 5 beers in, I can safely say that 2017’s USYD REVUE was the best revue I have ever seen. Unfortunately, since the show is now over and you can’t see it anymore, the purpose of this article is just to reflect on the good times we had. Get ready for some serious fomo; here are the highlights of the highlights.

1. Sasha Meaney revived early 2000’s Britney to give every VR user wet dreams.

2. The bangin’ beat x Adidas tracksuit x Soundcloud-promoting intermissions ensured that we also got to go to Future music festival while the cast were changing outfits.

3. Will Edwards made ISIS seem relatable. Somehow.

4. Darby Judd gave us the best alternative to escaping shitty plane food.

5. “I streamed a stream” was the perfectly executed, #relatable moment of the year.