Want to broadcast on SURG? Here's how:

So you want to be on the radio?

Step One

Come to our Welcome Drinks on Wednesday. Here you'll hear our plans for broadcasting in 2017 and all the different ways to get involved. If you're new to SURG, or really want to guarantee that you get a show this year, come along. We would love to get as many members (especially new ones) to this as possible so we can meet you all and get your ideas.

Step Two

Stop. Think about what you'd like to do and how it's different to what everyone else will be submitting. Is your idea original, or are you just hilarious? We don't know until you tell us! SO have some confidence in yourself or your idea, and SELL IT TO US. We'll be opening an application form straight after the welcome drinks, and applications close Saturday at midnight.

Remember that it is not all about who is behind the microphone. This year we are especially looking for producers and people who want to get involved behind the scenes. If this is you, we will give you industry mentoring and professional advice so that you can add this to your resume and boast about it to future employers. We're serious about this one!

Keep your eyes open for the show proposal form

Keep your eyes open for the show proposal form

Proposals are now open on our Jobs page!

Step Three

Be flexible. Have your phone on you on Sunday night and have your timetable handy. We will call you and confirm what times work, and we may need to find a new time for you that you hadn't even considered.

Don't feel rejected if we haven't been able to find a spot for you. We are bigger than ever before and we are hitting our limits in terms of airtime, which is actually a great thing! It means that we are going to have to grow in ways we had never thought of, and we're still going to need your help to do it.


Good luck! We exist to give as many people as possible to opportunity to get a chance to showcase their crazy ideas for radio. If you've got an idea that you don't think can be contained in a Google Form, email us! We exist because of you and we really want to be shaped by you and your ideas!