Gossip Corner: Sept 7th

Also a highly-ranked image search result for "gossip". I'm so good at this job, hey

Also a highly-ranked image search result for "gossip". I'm so good at this job, hey

Welcome to the first edition of Gossip Corner! It's not a true SRC Election without ~~drama~~. I'll be trying to cover things that Births, Deaths and Marriages misses out on. Send me any tip offs or juicy screenshots you've got - I'm on cjcaccamo@gmail.com or @CJCaccamo!

Seems like... Stand Up isn't a fan of my work??

Yesterday's piece, fact-checking some of the claims of the Stand Up ticket, was a huge hit with punters, with hundreds of views. Unfortunately, the love wasn't felt amongst members of Stand Up itself. Let's hope "transparency" isn't a policy Stand Up holds in too high a regard.

It's not an SRC Election without a petty fight over colours...

Now folks, I've seen a lot of petty fights in my time in StuPol, but this has shot right to the top early on. Fans of the blog will remember Michael Elliott, who started this wonderful election with a since-deleted claim that Power candidates misused student money. Elliott is running on the unimaginative but oh-so-fitting "Make USyd Great Again" ticket, as well as Ignite for NUS, but ~actually~ campaigning for Stand Up. Yeah, I'm confused too.

When Elliott lodged his nomination, he nominated several colours to be used in advertising for his SRC ticket - including teal. This is despite the ticket having absolutely no online or physical presence that would require a colour*. So when Power rolled out a dual-colour strategy with green and jade (similar enough to teal, it seems), Elliott struck and lodged a complaint over the taking of "his" colour.

At the time of writing, it seems there is an uneasy settlement that they are indeed different colours - but not before Power candidates were told they would have to manually colour the white text on their jade shirts. Yeah. That happened.

* - Elliott, as he has mentioned multiple times on Facebook, is actually in hospital (hope you feel better soon mate), so it is unclear if there was any planned physical campaigning planned for the ticket. Given his enthusiastic online campaigning for Stand Up, I'd assume not.

"Elections are relevant to EAG"

The weekly meeting of the Education Action Group saw several really important discussions, including the position the EAG will be in 2017. Unsurprisingly, the meeting agreed that Liberals pose a threat to the EAG through the cutting of funding if they are given positions on the SRC. The final words of the official minutes taken at the meeting simply state: "LOL labor left". Given everything that has happened with Labor Left in the last couple of weeks (NLS being supported by Libs, an SLS member on a definitely-not-Liberal Honi ticket, the Labor Club imploding), "LOL labor left" could indeed be the slogan of #USydSRC in 2016.

EDIT: I've been told this line may in fact have been minuting Labor members actually leaving the meeting. I like my version of events a little bit better.

Mental Health

Mental Health is always an important concern in these elections - in both policy platforms and for campaigner welfare. One Power candidate, Isabella Pytka, learned the hard way that lots of hacks take mental health policy very seriously.

A quick glance and you'd think it was perfect. Mental Health Officer, check. Simple Extension campaigning, check. Mental Health Day, check. So much good... until the second to last paragraph. The "Open Door Policy" is a new one, essentially attempting to take the stigma out of approaching a professional for help by instead chatting to another student. This was... not received well. A similar system existed for Office Bearers and Councillors prior to 2015, with an elected Grievance Committee. It was abolished in the great Scanlan-Caccamo rewriting of the regulations of 2015, and now we use trained SRC Caseworkers instead. Embarrassingly, it took two Libs to point out the problems with this Open Door policy. At the time of writing, every single policy had been removed from the profile picture.

When is a rally no longer a rally?

The regular Facebook feud outbreaks continued this afternoon with Power's Liam Carrigan accusing Stand Up of leaving the Save SCA Rally early to hang out with Liberals, and being scabs for doing so. Stand Up's Chloe Smith responding by maintaining they'd left only five minutes early to ensure their campaigners got a lunch break.

Unfortunately, Carrigan has since deleted the Facebook post making these accusations, and your esteemed reporter was not quick enough with screen captures to document it all. This is the photo Carrigan shared that "proved" Stand Up were "hanging out with Liberals".