Chet Faker's Transition into Nick Murphy Is Fear Less

This morning we were gifted our first glimpse into Nick Murphy, the artist formerly known as Chet Faker. Announcing via social media on Friday that ‘Chet Faker’ will be put to rest, Nick Murphy will continue to put out sweet, sweet music, now under his real name. The Internet responded quickly with some social media gold, Brisbane based trio Dune Rats first to spot the opportunity:

Always a very raw and honest musician, it can be speculated that Murphy is attempting to further deconstruct his sound and identity. ‘Fear Less’ was dropped this morning and gives us an insight into where the artist is now headed. The track is an exercise in musical climax, beginning enchantingly slowly and playing with static sounds and harmonic drones. The vocals are familiar, and gently they lull you into thinking you’re just listening to good ol’ Chet.

That is until the beat kicks in.

What erupts is an explosive burst of synths, busting percussion, and pained vocals. It is a super cool sound, and one that is pretty uncommon in the electronic scene. While the crescendo is short, it's well worth the wait and the whole song emanates some undeniable Radiohead vibes. But I'm not sure if I would call the tune a banger. It's definitely good, and will no doubt grow in popularity. Yet it feels like a very strong interlude on an album, rather than the first single.

Chet Faker has rebranded back to his birth name, Nick Murphy, and the music is just as different.

Fronting his reinvention campaign are the words “This is next”, but if Fear Less is what’s next, I want to hear what comes after. I want more. I no longer expect a conventionally structured hit like ‘Talk is Cheap’ to come through with this new direction, but I do feel that the next single could go one of two ways. Either it balances musical integrity with danceablility (think: Gold), or it continues along this more experimental path. 

Whatever the result, I have full faith in Nick Murphy to produce phenomenal music content. I just hope he does not neglect that old Chet Faker charm that has gotten him this far.


Abbey Lenton

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