Campaign Videos: A Review

...When will it end? At what point do USyd Stupol elections completely jump the shark? DRONES are now being used.

...When will it end? At what point do USyd Stupol elections completely jump the shark? DRONES are now being used.

Sorry about the lack of posts folks - I work three days a week (Saturday through to Monday), and the little bit of work I did around those shifts seems to have... disappeared. Again. Sigh. Let's move on.

Both main SRC Campaigns, Power and Stand Up, have released videos recently. Let's have a closer look at them. Now, you probably all know by now where I stand on this election - these videos confirmed it for me. Let me know what you think!


Hoo boy. If you don't want to watch it, then this post from my new favourite SRC Ticket, Reds Under the Bed, summarises it way too well.

The first ten seconds actually look like an advertisement for the University - I wouldn't dare make the same claim as RutB that it was ~stolen~ from somewhere, but I wonder where Stand Up sourced a drone that can shoot HD Video? That must've cost a bit too, what an odd way to spend your election budget.

And can I also say how corporate this all looks? Stand Up USyd's logo looks like something straight out of a TEDx Talks promotional package, and now we're getting content virtually indistinguishable from an actual University advertisement. It's funny, because the students most likely to appreciate the time taken on graphic design are also the ones at SCA that are 100% not voting for them.

Anyway, we then move on to another ~twenty~ seconds of "We're X students", which is exactly how I'd picture an alien or robot (or lizard-person) invasion of our democracy would look like - "Trust us, human, we are just like you. Truuuust uuuus". So we've been through roughly a third of this video and we've had no policies, no real content, just drone footage and students saying that they're students.

Then come the "achievements". Several of the claims made that I've already fact-checked to be false make a reappearance - "We brought you Wi-fi! We brought you the Legal Service! We brought you literally everything about your education you care about, aren't we great?" So on and so on. Sigh. Whatever your thoughts on the Power video, at least they talk about things that happened in 2016.

Then, after half the video is already gone and most students have switched off, we finally get to what Stand Up will actually do if elected. The classics get trawled out - a safer campus, international student travel concessions, probably the first mention of the SCA campaign in any Stand Up material too. Some of it is genuinely good, like giving women more of a voice on campus and working with the University on policies regarding diversity, and in any other year that would be enough for people to vote for them. But the problem with the video is that Power do so much more, simply leaving it at broad policy brushstrokes isn't enough. Power's video is 100 seconds of non-stop policy and achievement. Anyone that watches them back-to-back will find it difficult to say Stand Up has the more detailed plan for what to do if they control the SRC.

The most bizarre claim is left until last. In a year where the SRC has got more done, and had its voice heard, through radical actions - the action at Open Day was picked up by most papers, the SCA sit-in continues to be a huge win for SCA students - Stand Up claims they "Don't want a radical SRC", they just want to continue delivering on student services. I've gotta ask at this point - isn't this a Liberal campaign? Like, this is exactly what you'd expect to hear from a Liberal campaign. Hell, this is what I campaigned on when I was on a Liberal ticket in 2011. Stand Up might as well say "We don't want to disturb you, we don't want activism, we just want to give you services that you'll never use because you won't hear about the SRC at all". Christ almighty.

Also, what are Ignite campaigning on if this is Stand Up's line?? Isn't it... exactly the same thing? The point of running two brands is to offer two somewhat different views of what the SRC would do. Switch ran a somewhat similar services-focused line in 2014, attempting to win votes of people that may not have wanted to vote for the more "radical" Grassroots brand - both appealing to different audiences (Ominously, Grassroots did so so much better than Switch). Stand Up and Ignite are virtually indistinguishable, which says a lot about NLS and Unity I reckon.


No drone footage, no students laughing around in an attempt to seem normal - Power jumps right into it with a ripper backing track from Tupac. They get straight to the causes they care about, intertwining their politics, their experience, and their ideas. This is no University advertisement, this is Power proclaiming loud and clear that they're activists, they know what they want, and they'll fight to get it.

There's no real change of pace either - we could break up the Stand Up video into chunks, but this is pretty much one hundred seconds reciting from the same playbook. You'll either love it or hate it.

One thing Stand Up did better was using the entire campus - you could throw a rock between all the places this video was filmed, with Power seemingly not wanting to be more than fifty metres from Fisher Library unless it's to hang out at Hermann's. Bloody Arts students.

I mean, is there anything else? Everything gets mentioned - International student campaigns, sexual harassment reporting, Rainbow Campus, Let SCA Stay... the only thing missing is real Enviro policy, which is odd from a ticket with Grassroots on it, but I guess Divestment campaigns are so 2014. Stand Up says nothing on this too, so everyone hates the environment equally???


Anyway, there's the video wrap-up. Hope you enjoyed! Lots more content this week.

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