SURG Musings on MUSE Presents: Legally Blonde

At its roots, Legally Blonde is a classically Aussie tale in spirit – underdog faces biggest challenge by going to Ivy League law school and discovering the self with the help of a ragtag bunch of friends in an effort to win back her love. Ok, maybe I should have just stopped at underdog, but the point remains that it’s the humanity and feel-goodness of this tale we’re all there to see.

What is surely the happiest MUSE performance to date kicked off with a couple of small technical issues and the odd line was missed when mics dropped in and out, but this quickly righted and saw the performance roll on full-steam ahead. Though the show could easily have become a cacophony of dancing, singing, costumes, and drama, the cast and crew must be commended for pulling off wardrobe and set changes with sleek style that kept the show together.

The most overwhelming thought in my head the whole way through was What. A. Cast. Kirralee Elliott and Logan McArthur both shone as Elle Woods and Emmett Forrest respectively, and the lungs on Lauren McShane (Vivienne Kensington) were something to sit up and take notice of every time they were released. I also want to throw in a special mention to Gabi Kelland as Paulette Bonafonté for some truly great characterization, but it was the moment when Lucy Allen as exercise goddess Brooke Wyndham brought one of her work out videos to the stage that had me half-squinting and whispering ‘how???’

I’m the first to admit that I love MUSE and their performance, but the longer I’m at uni, the more gradually pissed off I find myself that there are so many ridiculously talented triple threats walking these hallowed halls with me. We may be sitting in classes together, but they’re singing, dancing and acting their way to applause, while I feel as though I deserve a round if I spend a Friday night doing something other than sharing pizza time with Netflix. Well done, MUSE, you have left me astonished by my peers (and their cardio abilities!) once again.

Adam, if you had posted this on Twitter at least we could have embedded it in the article

Adam, if you had posted this on Twitter at least we could have embedded it in the article