All aboard: SURG Broadcast Training this Tuesday!

A pic from back in the day when training took three nights and had less pizza.

A pic from back in the day when training took three nights and had less pizza.

SURGfm Broadcaster training is this Tuesday! 5.30pm, Tuesday 8th March 2016 in the Oriental Room in the Quad (Room S204 for you eager room-spotters and StudentVIP staff members out there).

This training is COMPULSORY if you want to host a show this semester. You can sign up to join SURG on the spot, enjoy some pizza and soft drinks, and bask in the glory of our speakers.

They are:

Richard Glover

Australian writer, author, broadcaster and owner of domain name, Richard set the record for longest radio interview (in the world!) in December 2011, and hosts Thank God It's Friday in front of a live studio audience each week. Richard has been a frequent guest to SURG to convey his ultimate wisdom, such as how to keep Peter Fitzsimons occupied for 24 hours.

Michelle McAuslan

Co-ordination of MECO3603 - Media, Law and Ethics, Michelle specialises in Media & Communications and Civil Law - and has been SURG's resident legal adviser ever since we realised we needed one. Michelle has written and speaks about defamation and content ownership, which SURG both doesn't and does need, respectively.

Max Fricker

Max produces Up For It!, the 6-8 am weekday morning show for real radio station fbi 94.5FM. Unlike us, fbi has a reason for the 'FM' after their name. Max is here to tempt us with glimpses of the real world and have a chat about how to actually 'plan' your show.

Bek Davies

Sitting Vice-President of SURGfm, Bek has taken responsibility for our programming for at least the past two years, assembling a broadcasting grid and mentoring SURG broadcasters floating adrift in the world of online radio. Bek is here to bring you back to the real world and talk to you about defining your show, and how to make a good special interest show.

Apologies to any guest if your description contains errors, I scraped this all from Google.


SURG Membership: $7 (Must be Access Card holder)
SURG Member: $3
Non-Access: $11


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