Esther encounters #banter & #lols at Law Revue

Words and witticisms by Esther Shim

I’m really glad that I didn’t have to pay for my Law Revue ticket this year.

This isn’t because I didn’t get my moneys worth; in fact, it was a really great way to spend 2 hours of my Saturday night. As well as being part of the upper intellectual echelons of society, these students proved to the brimming York Theatre that they do venture outside the world of heavy textbooks, good looks and cashmere sweaters. They demonstrated their versatility on stage through their flawless vocals, immaculate choreography and Cate Blanchett-esque acting.

In line with the title of this year’s revue, the Midsomer Mergers AV sketch was brimming with hilarity and picturesque country shots. In fact, all the AV sketches of the evening were impeccable. The Legacy of Hayden Watson made me green with envy at his bodily movements, flexibility and ability to pull off a pair of tights. The cast also found great pleasure in defiling our current Government, some memorable quotes from the satirical The Killing Season, including Joe Hockey stating that “there shouldn’t be a GST on periods, they should be criminalized!” and that “parliaMENt has MEN in it for a reason.” Things got a little bit raunchy when the musical number “At Home with Tony” hit the stage, with Tony Abbott in a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket, belting that “this country is my play thing” and Hockey appearing again to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough” singing “don’t stop till you get a job” and “just sell your kidneys to buy a house” which really isn’t that different from what Hockey said IRL.

The vocals of the evening were also a highlight, my elation largely attributed to Hayden Tonazzi, who I could probably listen to for the rest of my life. The FIFA press conference acapella piece matched up to the likes of the Pitch Perfect girls, all I wrote in my notes during the performance was “fifa, amazing.” However, my favourite act of the night had to be the re-make of “Ice-Ice Baby,” turned “Gay Rights, Rights, Baby.” This number had some super PHR3$H rapping, cool grey-sweat-pant-costume-things and synchronised dancing, calling out the heterosexual, “semi-vegan feminist” allies to the gay rights movement, to ~check your privilege~

I began this piece saying that I was glad that I didn’t have to pay for my ticket. This may have mislead you to believe that the 2015 Law Revue was in poor taste, but really there was no correlation between my paying for a ticket to the quality of the revue.  I’m just genuinely happy that I got to save 20 or so dollars on a humorous evening full of #banter and #lols.

Much like the irrelevant opening to this review, I found some… (many)... of the sketches to be irrelevant to... well anything. Some sketches were well done, the LinkedIn date - more like an ‘endorse my skills’ propagandist meeting, a commentary on the peoples obsession with the FitBit, the Socialist Alternative’s obsession with “fucking wind-turbines,” and of course, Wally, from Where’s Wally’s identity crisis. But it also felt like a lot of skits were thrown into the revue to fill time; “I bought a Jeep”, Lucy’s long tongue and Yogi Bear.

The nude “skit” thoughtlessly ticked off an annual tradition, and was unfortunately super underwhelming. What wasn’t underwhelming though, was the band, who were killing it up on the top left corner. I personally thought didn’t get enough attention throughout the evening. Maybe next year they should stay naked for the entire performance. (?)

The 2015 Law Revue graced the Seymour Centre with a mildly humorous show, an extremely talented cast and band and left me questioning the meaning of my existence and asking God why he disproportionately allocated all the talent in the world to the law students.