Orange is the new blackboard - Julia Robins reports

Orange is the new blackboard - EDSOC REVUE, a review by Julia Robins. 

With slight trepidation and not anywhere near enough wine I wandered off to Education Revue. No one wants to see a bad revue and then have to write about it afterwards. Thankfully my fears dissolved as suddenly as they had arrived. The darkness of the opening song about the government’s refugee policy had me laughing if only to stop tears that would otherwise have flowed. It trod a fine line between comedy and tragedy set to a Disney classic ‘Be Our Guest’. The songs throughout were at points a little weak but some of the best adapted lyrics I’ve heard from a review, especially the one about pulling an all-nighter, which felt like a window into my life. The band itself was a small set-up with excellent drums and sax, although it would have benefited from greater sound balancing and tightening up some pieces.

Video sketches felt reminiscent of Noel Fielding’s absurdist work, especially their roasting turkey sketch. Top sketch of the night was the advertising sketch for men’s deodorant for when you accidentally treat a woman like a person, and if the revue had called it a night there we would have all gone home happy. I’m glad they didn’t though, because there were so many other golden moments that were simply well written and performed with such sincerity that each moment was a delight. Other gems included Voldemort asking us to say his name, as well as the kindergarten hacks, an extended skit that may have hit close to home not just for students aware of the impending election season, but also for many active and retired hacks present in the audience.

As is expected with any revue, there were some flat spots, but only one joke that really met with contention: the sketch about the presidential election was a good concept but its execution which had suddenly changed Hillary Clinton’s politics to prolife felt a little cheap, especially considering how much there is to criticise her for. All in all the cast, crew and production team should be proud of a show that taught me the new preferred weapon for duelling is no longer a rapier or pistol but the selfie stick, reminded me how much we love our pets (even Schrödinger!), and how the ability to save a skit that goes awry, rendering it funnier in the process, all make for a great review. Much like the areas of education (and social services) as a whole in this country, these folks need more funding.