Stop. Space. Return.

Another semester, another broadcast. After a phenomenally successful Re O Day, with 30 new sign ups and loads of interest from people to do new shows, and continue old ones we are very excited for the upcoming semester. If you did fight the wind to come say hi, thanks a lot and we are very excited to have you on board. There are two tickets to Blue Man Group courtesy of AB Publicity up for grabs for one of the new signups so keep an eye out as that will be drawn shortly! In regards to starting up broadcast again, we will be hosting a Re Training session on Monday August 12th to get all the new guys familiar with the tools of the trade, and if any one from last semester would like a bit of a refresher. Since we will be in the good studio it may be worth your while to come on down to see how it all works. It will run 6 - 8:30pm in the Holme Building and cover content as well as how to use the equipment and panel.

After training is done and dusted we'll be asking for show proposals. As an exec we'll go through all new proposals as well as those Semester 1 shows that have expressed interest in returning and create a brand new program grid!

There's a lot to look forward to this semester, on and off air, so we hope you'll tune in. We look forward to making radio for you.


- Gordon VP

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