Review: Groovin' the Moo 2013

Felix and I were lucky enough to travel down to Canberra for Groovin' the Moo 2013 in April and here is our (belated) rundown of the amazing day. The annual festival has made a strong name for itself since its incarnation in 2005 hosting huge acts including Silverchair, Hilltop Hoods and The Black Keys. This year the festival had three huge stages - Moolin Rogue, the [V] stage and the Triple J stage which all offered up some amazing artists. You can view the full lineup here Each artist/band we managed to catch were absolutely fantastic and Felix snapped some amazing pictures, our full album from GTM 2013 can be viewed on our Facebook page:

The Bronx

American hardcore-punk band The Bronx did not disappoint! Frontman Matt Caughtran is such an unbelievable performer and the whole crowd loved every minute of it. Matt took every advantage to jump into the mosh and interact with the fans, keeping security busy!


The Amity Affliction

Felix legitimately dragged me by my ankles to go see Amity - I really was not sold on the idea. But I am now a changed woman! The Amity Affliction were too much fun, everyone was going absolutely crazy in the mosh and I even had a little dabble in the 'Circle of Death.' Definitely out of my comfort zone but Felix came to the conclusion that I'd discovered the little hardcore girl inside. The Amity Affliction released their third studio album in 2012, which I have promptly added to my Spotify, it's titled Chasing Ghosts and you should get on it!



This was my band. I am obsessed with the 90s and these guys were the epitome of that nineties rock sound. They have been around for years having released seven studio albums and five EPs to date including their most recent album SuperHappyFunTimesFriends which was released in 2011. Their lead man Quan Yeomans had the crowd in the palm of his hand and it was amazing to see some of the older crowd completely invested in their music - yay nostalgia! Highlights including their 1999 hit 'I Wanna Be a Nudist'

They Might Be Giants

These guys were HILARIOUS. The crowd erupted at the first few bars of their most recognisable song 'Dr Worm' and they were easily the band that interacted with their audience the best and most effectively. At one point their lead singer John Flansburgh split the whole crowd in half for some aggresive chanting of 'Humans' v. 'Apes' - the crowd ate it up. Standout songs were 'Istanbul (Not Constantinople)' and 'Birdhouse in Your Soul'

Regrettably they did not play the Malcolm in the Middle theme song and I got a little bit sad about that.


Flume really lived up to all the expectations I had. Flume (Harley Streten) has exploded onto the scene with four of his songs (including a remix) listed on Triple J Hottest 100 for 2012. His album's breakout song "Holdin On" was listed at number four, the highest Australian song charted. Others included were "Sleepless" and his remix of "Hyperparadise" by Hermitude, both at the top 20 (#12 and #18) and "On Top" at #67. His performance at GTM reflected and lived up to this sudden success.


I LOVE EXAMPLE. HE IS SO SEXY. (...unfortunately for me he's married to Australian actress Erin McNaught - too lucky!) This was my absolute favourite part of the day, may have managed to sweet talk the security guard to lift me over the barrier and join Felix in the photo pit. I should probably attribute how impressed I was with Example to the fact that I know every single word to every one of his songs. But he was also objectively good - I definitely saw Felix mouthing along to his rap at one point.

DID YOU KNOW: his stage name Example comes from the initials of his birth name Elliot Gleave (E.G.) which in latin (exempli gratia) means 'for example' #funfacts



 Being sneaky in Example's photo pit!

- Alisha x

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