The Spirit of Radio

On Thursday, April 18, SURG FM let down its hair to celebrate the launch of its first semester broadcast for 2013. Dedicated members and newcomers all descended on Hermann’s Bar to hear some live tunes organised with Beat the System, and talk excitedly of the greatness to come in the following week, when on Monday at 8am, the breakfast show with Rob North kicked off SURG’s most ambitious year yet! 120 people rocked out at Hermann's, but the best was yet to come... Launch Party1

Once the broadcast kicked off last week, it again revealed the staggering diversity of our members, with shows ranging from breakfast and drive talk shows, to special interest programs on technology or Chinese culture, to music shows incorporating rock, pop, electronica, metal and everything in between. There are many first time broadcasters who are quickly learning the ropes and putting on truly quality, engaging student radio, dealing with cutting-edge campus issues or just demonstrating a huge breadth of musical knowledge.

SURG Panel 2


What’s even more exciting is that people are already experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what we can do with our old-school equipment, getting live performers into the studio. This is what community radio is about, and the fact that university students, many of whom aren’t even enrolled in media degrees, run it, is the icing on the cake. Sitting in the studio over the last week has been an incredibly entertaining and educational experience; some really great radio is happening in the basement of a nondescript building somewhere on the northern edge of the University of Sydney campus, and I’m honoured to be a part of it.

And so, my friends, keep up the good work, try new things, and plug the HELL out of our Facebook Page!

All the best for the rest of semester, from your Secretary, Max.

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