ABC as easy as 123

March 20 marked one of the most important days in the SURG Semester 1 calendar – radio training! The SURG exec organised a huge night to get our future broadcasters all up to speed on how to make their dream shows a reality covering everything from show proposals to production. The night was at capacity with over 60 attendees who were split into two groups, half learning the ropes downstairs in our dedicated studios and half with our talented industry professionals covering content.

On the production side we were joined by Dominic Santangelo (MECO2601 Radio Broadcasting coordinator/lecturer, former Eastside FM drive host, musician) and Jacob Craig (Audio Media Officer for the Digital Media Unit, sound engineer, the guy on everybody's speed dial). In the main studio, Jacob showed us the ins and outs of the studio equipment and how to actually make our shows sound good. In the Old Women’s Room, which SURG will be adopting as a new home this semester Dominic went through how to structure shows in terms of preparation, organisation and content sourcing.

On the content side we had the incredibly talented Chris North (producer and announcer for Merrick and the Highway Patrol on Triple M), Annamarie Reyes (Volunteer and Training Coordinator 2SER, Executive Producer of On the Money and Radio Atticus 2SER, former ABC and SBS reporter) and Felix Hubble (Beat the System, Fantastic Life Advice with Rob and Felix). Chris was our expert on drive and breakfast shows, Annamarie covered news and talk and Felix gave everyone some insight into how to structure a kickass music show. In smaller groups, they chatted to us about the areas of radio they work in and brainstormed specific content that our future broadcasters were considering.  We all then got the chance to share show ideas and network with other keen broadcasters over some dinner. And although the topics may have deviated from radio production, the night kicked on in true SURG spirit at the Forest Lodge Hotel, networking with a glass of cider in hand!

Now that's over there are two important and exciting things coming up! First up, show proposals are due on Wednesday April 3 (ie. tomorrow) so if you're thinking of applying please fill in an application via this form. And next week we'll be holding our always important legal training. Annamarie will be returning to discuss copyright and defamation. This session is compulsory for anybody wanting to be involved with SURG FM so hop to it and click RSVP here!