Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7-9am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9-10am The Daily Dose Groove & Schmooze Sydney's World The Comfy Hour Fried Jams
10-11am This Ain't A Scene Safe Space with Sammy   Bugs to Bosons Ugly Girls Club SURG goes Scandi-Latin Rap Gods
11-12pm This Ain't A Scene Odysseus's Bizarre Adventure (A reading of Homer's Odyssey by Bez) Honey Soy SURG Gainsbourg The Shortball
12-1pm Gaylist Flaw & Order Eurovisionaries tRAGEDY
1-2pm Backtrack **gavin upton The Hustle Take Two **Harry Licence
2-3pm Hit the Showers TV@2ish Superficial Bad Manners with Beckett and Max Countdown Corner
3-4pm GRRL Cadence United States of Australia The RADISHow **Michael Kemplen
4-6pm On The Bus On The Bus On The Bus On The Bus On The Bus
6-7pm **Josh Copeland 10 Things **WIll Tinkler Veranda Music
7-8pm **Rachel Drubetsky **Charlie Pitt Fire Club Metalheads **Harry Hoskins
8-10pm Housewives No Small Talk DJ Society Groove Society



Honi presents narrative, news, and comedy stories about the lives of students and young people in Australia.