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Allday Shows His Vocal Talents in New Track ‘In Motion’ ft. Japanese Wallpaper

Allday (Tom Gaynor) and Japanese Wallpaper (Gab Strum) have joined Forces ft. Airling (it's a funny joke because that is the title of Japanese Wallpaper's most acclaimed tune). Both artists from two different sides of the musical spectrum have split the difference to create a catchy and lush track, ‘In Motion’; an Eden provided by Japanese Wallpaper for Allday's more-singing-than-rapping rhymes to cavort in. Yeah um what… He can sing???

The tune is silky and different to Gaynor’s go-to songwriting, instead musing over some enigma girl. The rapper says, "After he began the instrumentation, it took me a long time to write the lyrics, I mean months. I would just leave it and then something would happen and I would know it could go in the song. So basically the song had to happen in real life before it happened in the song. When it came time to record I still hadn't written the little pre-chorus rap part, but that came to me like a lightning bolt... "unsealed, congealed... holy shit nobody ever says congealed" and that's when I knew I had an OK song."

Keen for more of this stuff? You're in luck because Japanese Wallpaper is set to buddy-up with Allday for his national tour this July. 

Get the details for the Sydney show here

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